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Our Story                                                               
   At 5 years old, Russell Browne was joining his grandfather & cousin on daily trips to fish, crab & cast nets in Savannah’s rivers. Lunchtime at low tide meant going to an oyster bed in the bateau for a fresh meal.

Growing up attending oyster roasts, Russell sympathized with the many bloody hands & frustrated guests he encountered and he set about to improve the process. As a blacksmith, he knew the traditional handle that would offer the most control. After years of feedback on the blade and other improvements, such as the bottle-opening plate, the Georgia Oyster Knife was born.  

He then re-designed an old Georgia farmer’s inner tube solution for having to wear a glove: The Shucker’s Mat, made from natural rubber. 

 And he’s not stopping there…

If history has taught us anything, it’s that the best way to open an oyster is with a single, contoured piece of metal.  Nothing can break it and 100% of your energy is transferred to opening the oyster.  Simple, improved upon with the addition of a handy bottle-opener.

Handle Design 
Modern oyster knife blades seem to have forgotten their roots, and you might not be familiar with an oyster knife handle like ours unless you have an eye for historic tools.

The upright design offers you far more control of the tool (especially with wet hands!) than the round handles of today that tend to slide or spin in your hand. The control you’ll have with our knives can be felt as soon as you place your thumb in the protective curve.

Blade Design
Our blades can be used to carve wood, clean corners, remove household tile, or expertly handle any prying or pounding kitchen duty. You’ll find yourself using them for more than just opening oysters and beer, which is just one of the many reasons this will be your oyster knife for life!