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Our Original Blade Style
Bottle-Opening Plate 
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A Seafood Hardware Multi-Tool
Because our knives are forged from steel, they won’t dimple, bend, or break like traditional oyster knives.  Thanks to the solid design,  these knives can be used to carve wood, clean corners, remove household tile, or expertly handle any prying or pounding kitchen duty. You’ll find yourself using them for more than just opening oysters, crab and beer.   However you use it, this will be your oyster knife for life!
This blade works with the upright handle to provide the best leverage for opening any oyster.  The tip is pointed to access small openings in raw or lightly steamed oysters.  It widens quickly for leverage.  

Because they are hand-forged, you can also file our knives as you wish to complement your shucking style. Each Blade arrives from our forge with the best overall combination of safety and sharpness for most seasoned shuckers.

Each of our knives allows you to open a bottle without changing your shucking grip. The cap falls through the semi-circular opening to land in your hand. 
 (See it in action by clicking here! ).

Select your favorite state outline, Anchor design or a solid plate.  Or, with a minimum order of 24, get your family letter or other single-shape outline /logo custom cut for you.  ($75 set-up fee)

No matter which plate you choose, they are all equally effective at removing bottle caps for a lifetime.
   Better Control.

Nothing to break,

  An Oyster knife 
               for life.
Q:  How could I use this knife for other seafood?

A:  When we say    "Multi-Tool" we mean it...just hold the knife at the twisted grip, with your index finger around the thumb rest, & the handle becomes a seafood mallet!